X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Finally, the game film the big screen adaptation of the view that high quality and exciting game!

Reputation of the game came from the big screen film is not something that can be relied on in the world game. It is evident that with such poor quality and made with low budget (because the film aims to promote it). Therefore, the occurrence of the X-Men Origins: Wolverine who have similar conditions had obtained feedback from the observer picayune world game.

In fact, this game is able to surprise many with the form of the game exciting and high quality of the view that in the development stage. This game has a theme of adventure full of blood from the X-Men characters who tune in the world, Wolverine, who adapted the story with the movie (planned to be released in May 2009). You will be met with a lot of fight, cool Wolverine moment, little puzzles, and fight against the boss that stretch. Even though this game is basically the story of the film, some new parts added to refreshing atmosphere. For example, the fight against Wolverine Sentinel, big robot guards "peace" when he attempted escape from the Weapon X facility.

One feature of plume in this game is the ability to heal itself is remarkable Wolverine. You can see the body of Wolverine shoot one bullet and a knife cut to the visible content of the body (including bones andamantium super strong too) and all wounds will heal themselves in a way that is very incredible.

Contention that exciting, full of blood, and the moment of prey, and among the most famous X-Men fans also promised to give satisfaction to play that high. This game plan will be released in May 2009 along with the release of films in cinemas.

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