Aliens: Colonial Marines

Now, you can experience the horror felt by the soldiers in the film Aliens noise.

Aliens film as a film that has a lot of frightening known among knowledgeable. As a spectator, you'll probably feel the tension high when one by one the characters drawn to the darkness of space is being violent. This game tries to present the experience in the form of a more tense. You will experience yourself as worthy of marine to keep someone named Ripley, the main character in the film Aliens.

Parties are given the trust to develop this game is a company called gearbox. Gearbox is known in the game world through the war themed game called Brothers in Arms. In fact, decides to use gearbox Brothers in Arms games in this game. Therefore, you will find seasoned strategy shooter game when you control the colleagues.

However, it does not mean this game will be the same as Brothers in Arms. You can not press the position of being ruthless attacks using weapons and attack from the side. You will lead the marine to do so according to technical ability. For example, opening the door electronically and provide fire support. In addition, you will also often surprised with the event that asks you to press the button order to survive. Hopefully this game can give the same tension with the film.

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