Battlestation: Pacific

War between the United States and Japan with a fiery return through the monstrous Battlestation: Pacific!

War game with the large scale vehicle combat is a theme which is always interesting to play. If you like the theme, you can be like this game. Battlestation: Pacific gives you the freedom to run multiple combat strength of the vehicle, such as ship combat with gigantic cannon, aircraft carrier, and bomber aircraft with a system that is easy to control.

This game is almost similar to the preceding, Battlestation: Midway. Almost all the action happens in the sea. Themes of war who was also still in the range of the United States and Japan in the second world war. This time, you can experience the story from both sides of the war. So, you can change history if the winning continues to use Japanese.

Large-scale battle that will give the impression that "Wow" when you play this game. Each action can be followed up to 100 units with a wide range of roles. Later, you will have the role to control the various units involved in combat. For example, you can act as a gunboat captain, pilot a plane attacker, and the submarine captain. Fortunately, you can easily move from one position to the role of another role. In addition, each unit with the form of large, such as ships and combat aircraft carrier, has a vital part, as can be found in the original ship of war. So, you can shoot the engine to slow the movement of vessels or the powder to burn the ship from the inside. Unfortunately, there has been no news release on this game for sure.

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