Racing-free in the very large size of the best racing game developers in the world.

Codemaster has a high reputation among gamers race as one of the best racing game developers. Some of the racing game should be thumbs-up, among other Grid and Dirt. Both games are able to provide best racing game to play in two worlds that are far different. Grid takes you to the world racing on the asphalt road, while the Dirt racing outside the asphalt (offroad). At FUEL, Codemaster combine both worlds in a racing game that lie in the area of 5000 square miles!

Regional games in this game is created with the serious and detail using satellite images of some areas in the United States, such as the Grand Canyon and Salt Lake. According to the Codemaster, you can find the street with the entire length of up to 11 thousand miles! Uniquely, this game does not follow the tradition that was brought by a racing game that has a free game. In fact, you still bound by a particular track that you must follow. At FUEL, choose your own path that you want to skip.

Environmental games that got special attention from the developers. This game has a climate that can be changed and the effects of nature that is capable of changing the form of land, such as heavy rain and windstorm. Changes of this land will give you a new experience in every race that you are taking. Games of interest this event will released in May 2009.

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