This game offers a form of a game full of puzzles and can make you addicted.

Even if it looks simple, themed puzzle game (puzzles) are able to attract PLAYERS for hours. Flock shows a puzzle game that is unique and requires the ability to think to solve a problem at every level. You will play a role as being the space on the plane and the UFO abduction task you are animals from the earth. Goal is rapt animals? Please try your own.

First task is easy to hear. The problem is, you have to herd animals are passing through the area was filled by an obstruction to the aircraft carrier named Motherflock. Animals that you type a variety of bell. At first, you just herd the sheep who have the easiest difficulty level. The long, you'll meet another animal (eg cattle and pigs) are more difficult to control.

Initially, you only lead in the open only. Then, you start to find puzzles that require more thought. For example, you must lead the sheep to tap water to make their fur wet and shrink in order to pass the fence. Then, you have to escort them to a game board shaped teeter rock and roll to overwrite the end of the board to put the sheep through a canyon. You can upgrade with the UFO's ability to facilitate new activities lead.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Finally, the game film the big screen adaptation of the view that high quality and exciting game!

Reputation of the game came from the big screen film is not something that can be relied on in the world game. It is evident that with such poor quality and made with low budget (because the film aims to promote it). Therefore, the occurrence of the X-Men Origins: Wolverine who have similar conditions had obtained feedback from the observer picayune world game.

In fact, this game is able to surprise many with the form of the game exciting and high quality of the view that in the development stage. This game has a theme of adventure full of blood from the X-Men characters who tune in the world, Wolverine, who adapted the story with the movie (planned to be released in May 2009). You will be met with a lot of fight, cool Wolverine moment, little puzzles, and fight against the boss that stretch. Even though this game is basically the story of the film, some new parts added to refreshing atmosphere. For example, the fight against Wolverine Sentinel, big robot guards "peace" when he attempted escape from the Weapon X facility.

One feature of plume in this game is the ability to heal itself is remarkable Wolverine. You can see the body of Wolverine shoot one bullet and a knife cut to the visible content of the body (including bones andamantium super strong too) and all wounds will heal themselves in a way that is very incredible.

Contention that exciting, full of blood, and the moment of prey, and among the most famous X-Men fans also promised to give satisfaction to play that high. This game plan will be released in May 2009 along with the release of films in cinemas.


Prince of Persia

All About New This adventure game will take you to the world of action challenging leap of death and the story interesting.

Game series Prince of Persia, known by gamers around the world as a game that involves a lot of action and skip the cool sword fight. In the game Prince of Persia, you will find adventure and the story is truly new about this prince of Persia. In addition to new stories, you can also find many new things in this game, such as the display technology that uses cell shading (3D graphic display technology that looks like 2D image), the easy control, a cool sword fight, the game is able to enliven the prince atmosphere games, and help a colleague who's beautiful.

At this game, the prince who eksentrik working with a daughter named Elika kingdom that he met in an ancient kingdom. The main goal this game is to prevent the resurrection of the god called Ahriman darkness of prison that are in the kingdom belong to Elika. Fortunately, Ahriman could not be free if the prince and Elika successful control of several areas called Fertile grounds. Each area must be cleaned from the darkness with the help of the gods strength and light Ormazd named Elika have one chance.

Areas that you must take over basically divided into four. Each area is divided into several smaller regions and all must be cleaned by using the power of Elika. Exclaim him, each region is guarded by a boss named Hunter, Alchemist, Concubine, and Warrior. To open the last of each boss, you must control all the areas below. To make the game more interesting, you should also have the power Ormazd (divided into four units) to reach the Fertile grounds that there is in each region. Then, to get power, you need to collect the ball is called Light Light Seed to a certain amount. Light Seed will appear after you clean the area with the help of a power Elika.

This game has basically dominated the action jumps more than fight. Fortunately, this game has a control character which is very good and easy to control. In addition, you also need not fear to experiment to get a jump on a Light Seed in a difficult position. Elika will always help when you jump you can fail and start again on the mainland last ever you tread. Sounds easy? Wait until you feel yourself!

Contention that has a distinctive feature in this game. Even though you do not always meet with the army of Ahriman according Elika millions in number, each race can look cool when you can press the appropriate key sequence. You can find a list of attacks on the menu is a combination of Option.

Each combination attacks can also be combined with more than one form. You can combine the attack early with three types of combinations, for example, thrown into the air, attacked from the air, and Elika attacks. Given time to press the button combinations are also due to the attacks will end with a slow movement. In addition to the combination of attacks, you will also find the event to press the button when the fight. If you fail to press the right button, the enemies will increase in energy.

Another feature that is not less interesting is the conversation between the prince and Elika and the costumes are a bonus after you complete this game. You can start the conversation by pressing a button. Sometimes, Elika provides tips to defeat enemies and complete puzzles. Finally, this game has a game and an interesting story!

Minimum Specifications Windows XP SP2 / Vista Processor: Intel Pentium IV-D dual-core processor 2.6 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800 +
Memory: 1 GB (Windows XP) / 2 GB (Windows Vista) Hard drive: 9 GB
Video card: 256 MB Video RAM with Shader Model 3.0 (Nvidia GeForce 6800 or ATI Radeon X1600) DirectX 9.0c and DirectX 10.0


Racing-free in the very large size of the best racing game developers in the world.

Codemaster has a high reputation among gamers race as one of the best racing game developers. Some of the racing game should be thumbs-up, among other Grid and Dirt. Both games are able to provide best racing game to play in two worlds that are far different. Grid takes you to the world racing on the asphalt road, while the Dirt racing outside the asphalt (offroad). At FUEL, Codemaster combine both worlds in a racing game that lie in the area of 5000 square miles!

Regional games in this game is created with the serious and detail using satellite images of some areas in the United States, such as the Grand Canyon and Salt Lake. According to the Codemaster, you can find the street with the entire length of up to 11 thousand miles! Uniquely, this game does not follow the tradition that was brought by a racing game that has a free game. In fact, you still bound by a particular track that you must follow. At FUEL, choose your own path that you want to skip.

Environmental games that got special attention from the developers. This game has a climate that can be changed and the effects of nature that is capable of changing the form of land, such as heavy rain and windstorm. Changes of this land will give you a new experience in every race that you are taking. Games of interest this event will released in May 2009.

Aliens: Colonial Marines

Now, you can experience the horror felt by the soldiers in the film Aliens noise.

Aliens film as a film that has a lot of frightening known among knowledgeable. As a spectator, you'll probably feel the tension high when one by one the characters drawn to the darkness of space is being violent. This game tries to present the experience in the form of a more tense. You will experience yourself as worthy of marine to keep someone named Ripley, the main character in the film Aliens.

Parties are given the trust to develop this game is a company called gearbox. Gearbox is known in the game world through the war themed game called Brothers in Arms. In fact, decides to use gearbox Brothers in Arms games in this game. Therefore, you will find seasoned strategy shooter game when you control the colleagues.

However, it does not mean this game will be the same as Brothers in Arms. You can not press the position of being ruthless attacks using weapons and attack from the side. You will lead the marine to do so according to technical ability. For example, opening the door electronically and provide fire support. In addition, you will also often surprised with the event that asks you to press the button order to survive. Hopefully this game can give the same tension with the film.

Battlestation: Pacific

War between the United States and Japan with a fiery return through the monstrous Battlestation: Pacific!

War game with the large scale vehicle combat is a theme which is always interesting to play. If you like the theme, you can be like this game. Battlestation: Pacific gives you the freedom to run multiple combat strength of the vehicle, such as ship combat with gigantic cannon, aircraft carrier, and bomber aircraft with a system that is easy to control.

This game is almost similar to the preceding, Battlestation: Midway. Almost all the action happens in the sea. Themes of war who was also still in the range of the United States and Japan in the second world war. This time, you can experience the story from both sides of the war. So, you can change history if the winning continues to use Japanese.

Large-scale battle that will give the impression that "Wow" when you play this game. Each action can be followed up to 100 units with a wide range of roles. Later, you will have the role to control the various units involved in combat. For example, you can act as a gunboat captain, pilot a plane attacker, and the submarine captain. Fortunately, you can easily move from one position to the role of another role. In addition, each unit with the form of large, such as ships and combat aircraft carrier, has a vital part, as can be found in the original ship of war. So, you can shoot the engine to slow the movement of vessels or the powder to burn the ship from the inside. Unfortunately, there has been no news release on this game for sure.


Left 4 Dead

Zombie Can Running!
Left 4 Dead destroy old myths circulating in the world zombie game that must be run with the slow and difficult to kill.

What a game must have a good story and complex to be an interesting game that is played? Maybe a lot of gamers who think so. Then, how do you explain the game without a story, like Zuma, Bejeweled, and Cake Mania can be played without a lot of bored by gamers? The game is basically just play the game of the same from one level to the next level. Thus, the game is actually a good story and does not require the involvement of emotions during PLAYERS form he has a good game!

Left 4 Dead's most difficult to follow formula for making a game is. Because, make a game with a good game is much more difficult than making the story made, and the 3D view is the best though. The main purpose of the game is basically just to emphasize the ability to survive from one points to other points on the cooperation with three other people.

Stories that you find in this game may seem superficial. You will only be given a little picture that a city has been infected with rabies virus is dangerous to create a population of wild creatures do not have awareness (referred to as infected). You will portray one of four people who are immune to the virus (called Survivor). Origin of the virus itself does not explain, but you can see the story about the circumstances surrounding area through any posts in the wall (which is enough to read and interesting).

Because the infected person is in fact normal, then you can easily kill him with rifle fire. The problem is, they usually attack the position of your group (up to 30 infected can be attacked from various directions), and they ran with the attack in several waves of attacks. The attack group was called Horde. In addition, the infected be assisted by a character called Boss infected. They are infected has evolved into a killer machine with a unique ability.

You can find Boss divided into a Smoker, Hunter, Boomer, Tank, and Witch. They all have special abilities, such as a trap far from the character (Smoker), spring (Hunter), reject the presence of liquid Horde (Boomer), a tremendous strength (Tank), and should not bother you if the Witch did not want to die. Their presence is made more egregious by the sound made when you are around. For example, Hunter sounds like a beast of prey who weep and make a Witch who is very afraid.

As mentioned before, your task in a game that met this enemy is to survive from one points to other points. Points is called a Safe Room. The room is marked by a red door gives you the opportunity to fill the bullet and treat the characters you use the Medical Kit. Since the number of Medical Kit that very few of the game, you can use your own to treat other characters that require more risk to the safety of your own.

Because this game is a collaboration between the players, then you should play it with your friends via Internet or LAN network. Unfortunately, the game is not very friendly to the players who want to play LAN with LAN lobby menu is provided. Fortunately, you can use some of the console that we include in this article to create your own sessions to play LAN without Internet connection and Steam installation program on your computer.

Finally, this exciting game to be played repeatedly for the position of occurrence of the infected, which is always random. In addition, you can play against another friend (four men and the rest Survivor Boss infected) using the strain versus map.

Playing Tricks With Command Console LAN
Poor are Left 4 Dead for the players through a LAN network that can be assisted with some of the commands entered through the console. Here's how:
  1. Activate the console by selecting "Options | Keyboard / Mouse | Enable Developer Console".
  2. On the main menu, press ~ key on your keyboard (the button is located on the left side of the 1 key) to open the console screen.
  3. Type the following command: sv_lan 1, net_start, map (press Tab to select the map after pressing key space)
  4. Game starts immediately after you enter the map. To change the level of difficulty, type: z_difficulty (choose one: easy, normal, hard, or impossible)
  5. To other computers who want to join, type: connect (ip address of the computer typing a command in the points 3).

Minimum Specifications Windows XP / Vista 32-bit Processor: Intel Pentium IV 3 GHz Memory: 1 GB Hard drive: 7.5 GB
Video card: 128 MB Video RAM with Shader Model 2.0 (Nvidia GeForce 6600 or ATI Radeon 9600) DirectX 9.0c


Wheelman is a ridiculous spectacle that never fails to capture the feel of a Vin Diesel blockbuster.

I wouldn't say I'm a huge fan of Vin Diesel. My favorites of his roles include him getting sniped in Saving Private Ryan, and playing a big dumb robot in Iron Giant. Still, I do have a soft spot for the absurd stunts in xXx and The Fast and the Furious; Wheelman perfectly imbues the feel of those two movies. It's as if Dominic Toretto and Xander Cage made sweet sweet love, and the resulting bastard man-child not only inherited their "extreme" attitudes, but also looked exactly like them (at least in polygonal form).

In Wheelman, you take control of Milo Burik (obviously modeled after, and portrayed by, Diesel). Milo has recently arrived in Barcelona seeking information, and in the process becomes entangled in a city-wide gang war. Milo refers to himself as a "wheelman," an expert driver who can do the impossible. While in a car, Milo can perform some fantastic moves, such as the Airjack or the Vehicle Attack. For the former, our protagonist leaps from his moving vehicle to propel himself hundreds of feet, lands inside an enemy car, and then takes control without losing momentum. The latter is where, with a simple flick of the right analog stick, Milo smashes his car into the enemy. To further the gratuitousness, kills made with this move will also slow down time, highlighting every flying body and piece of explosive carnage.

Wheelman rewards your propensity for destruction with more gameplay mechanics. As Milo speeds up and causes mayhem, he steadily gains Focus. With a full Focus meter, the player can then take advantage of special moves. The most basic one is a quick burst of speed -- however, there are also attack skills, such as Aim Shot and Cyclone. When using both of these moves, time briefly slows down, the camera zooms in over Milo's shoulder, and the windshield turns into a shooting gallery -- with the cars becoming ducks with bull's-eyes painted on them. Shooting these bull's-eyes (which typically indicate weak spots such as the engine) usually results in the enemy vehicle instantly disintegrating from a single bullet.

Unfortunately, even these amazing tricks aren't enough to boost the game's tedious mission-based system. As a wheelman, Milo must perform odd jobs ranging from escorting VIPs to killing thugs and smashing property. The missions start piss-poor easy (it's near-impossible to fail them without trying), but then they suddenly spike to feeling needlessly-difficult. One particular annoying mission involves saving a thug, Miguel, who had the misfortune of having a bomb strapped to his body.

The original goal is to play hide-and-seek with the cops -- taking back roads and keeping out of the authorities' view -- until Miguel wakes from his daze. As soon as you clear the police's patrol zone, the gangster wakes up and the bomb starts ticking. Your job then has you rush him to a bomb expert on the double. Here's where it gets more annoying: unfortunately, the location never actually appears on your map; instead you have to wait for audio queues from Miguel himself. To make matters worse, Miguel often forgets where to go, and babbles about other subjects instead, all while an invisible clock ticks down towards mission failure. I'd fail the mission a number of times due to things such as missing one turn, going too slowly, or getting caught slightly within the cops' peripheral vision.

Other minor problems include absurd physics goofs. How is it that I can plow through stone walls and turn trees into Snickers bars, but can be helplessly stuck on a cardboard box? "Dead" enemies also occasionally glitch back onto their feet and briskly walk away from their demise. Yet despite these technical flaws, Wheelman's amazing fun comes from exploring the open world of Barcelona, driving to strange locations, and causing chaos in the city. It easily invokes feelings of Burnout Paradise with elements of Grand Theft Auto thrown in to boot.

If you're looking for just having some dumb fun driving in a big sprawling city, smashing and shooting every last thing in your way, then Wheelman is a great pick. However, it never even attempts to reinvent the wheel from any other free-roaming action-adventure. Then again, you could say that is a pretty accurate portrayal of Vin Diesel's movie career.

Ninja Blade

Ninja Blade For XBOX.

The comparisons were inevitable. Releasing a ninja-based game after Ninja Gaiden 2 (and, to a much lesser extent, after Tenchu Z) on Xbox 360 is akin to releasing a first-person shooter in which the main character, "Master Chef," drives around in his "Warhog" blowing the "Government" to pieces. It might just seem a tad too familiar. That's not to say that Ninja Gaiden 2 was so all-encompassing that no other action game could or should scratch out its own niche on the console. But as that legendary philosopher Everlast once said, "If you come to battle, bring a shotgun." Ninja Blade brings no such shotgun.

The Ninja Blade premise is basically this: Infected "Carriers" of all shapes and sizes invade Tokyo, and you, as ninja-mazing protagonist, Ken, are tasked with taking them down using all manner of ninja weapons and techniques. Sounds good, right? An action game that hinges upon a simple but effective concept like this can be an interesting enough time-killer (see also: Gungrave, Shinobi). And considering that the team responsible for Ninja Blade's development are essentially the same folks that brought us the highly-regarded Otogi series on Xbox, you'd be forgiven for expecting an innovative, action-packed game experience. What Ninja Blade delivers, however, is altogether different.

To be fair, Ninja Blade does pack a lot of action into its linear set of tightly scripted missions. The caveat is that the action's focus splinters in disjointed directions. Some might say the game is filled with 'variety,' but really it's just a hodgepodge of varying game styles that sets you in a specific groove and then switches gears when you start to get comfortable. An excellent case in point is the very first stage, which serves not only as a tutorial, but also as a glimpse of what's to come. At first you're taught standard things like how to switch weapons on the fly, run up or along walls, and use "Ninja Vision," but things take a quick turn for the worse when you're shown how to perform 'Todomé' finishing moves. These finishers highlight the game's almost unprecedented focus on quick time events.

For the handful of worthwhile things that Ninja Blade has to offer -- namely a sharply realized game world, in which most of the high-flying battles take place against a palette of Tokyo skyscrapers -- clichéd game mechanics quickly overwhelm the game's pros. Despite the development team's pedigree, this is the most derivative game that Masanori Takeuchi's crew has ever delivered. The worst element by far is the preponderance of QTEs, which have -- since the original Shenmue -- made an unusually strong resurgence in modern gaming culture (read: Heavenly Sword, Resident Evil 5, etc.). Over 25 years ago, back in the days of Dragon's Lair, the original QTE game, it was a worthwhile innovation, but it was still a shallow mechanic that shared more in common with simple reflex games like "Simon," than actual "proper" video game controls. To be featured so prominently in Ninja Blade smacks of lazy game design. Have developers faltered to the point where simply pressing a pre-set sequence of buttons during a boss battle is considered better than a more elegant, strategic showdown? In Ninja Blade it's more perplexing than that.

You would think that, given the game's 'hardcore' nature, Ninja Blade would offer a fresh challenge to those who had long since conquered Ninja Gaiden 2. Instead, the QTEs make it nearly impossible to fail. The game throws the occasional curveball; you may be expecting to press A, X, or Y, but will suddenly be prompted to press left on the analog stick, for example. But in the event you fail to avoid a giant tentacle worm boss's crashing attack, Ninja Blade will simply rewind (in similar fashion to the most recent Prince of Persia) to the point just prior to your demise, offering you the chance to try again. The QTE sequence might change slightly (from X, X, X to A, A, A), but it's like being given a second chance on a test after you've already seen the answers. It feels like From Software designed Ninja Blade to be "My First Ninja Game," which is totally at odds with its actual target audience.

In its favor, the overuse of QTEs does lend Ninja Blade a cinematic feel, since you're basically pressing buttons to jump from dynamic cut-scene to dynamic cut-scene for what feels like 50% of the game. But if you were looking for a meatier play experience and not an interactive ninja-movie, consider yourself warned. Padding the QTE segments are an endless series of shell-shocked environments filled with shambling, zombie-like Carriers. With their limited A.I., they're little more than weapon fodder from whom you gain levels and accrue health and chi pieces, blood crystals, and Shinobi Moji, which can all be used to customize Ken and improve his attributes. The Carriers vary in type, requiring you to switch Ken's weapons on occasion and offering some semblance of strategy (your heavy, two-handed broadsword is much more adept at crushing the shield-bearing Carriers you face). The good times are short-lived, though, as the QTEs eventually rear their ugly heads again (or an out-of-place machine gun turret segment throws in an unwelcome interruption).

Despite the limited enjoyment found in figuring out how to kill the game's enemies, none of the tired, tentacle-porn clichés conjured here are of that much interest. The irony is that, even though it's an "action" game, Ninja Blade's tepid, barely interesting plot is actually more enjoyable than any of the combat tossed your way. The handful of unlockable costumes and weapons do little to encourage repeat visits into Ken's quick time world.